Dock Folders: How To Organize Your Apps On The Mac Dock Into Folders and Stacks

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Too many applications in your cluttered Mac OSX dock? You can easily clean up and organize apps into dock folders and stacks to sort them and personalize your dock exactly as you would like. A folder is displayed as a grid, while a stack is displayed as a fanned out list of apps.

1. Go to your Applications folder

2. Create a new folder to organize apps in the dock

3. Make Aliases (shortcuts) of the apps you want inside these folders

4. Drag these aliases into your newly created folder and rename to remove the ‘alias’ part

5. Drag that entire folder to the right side of your dock

6. Click on this new folder in your dock to see the applications you have added to it

Continue to customize it and repeat the steps until you are happy with the organization of apps in your dock.

7. Advanced option:

Right click on the folder in your dock for advanced options, like how to sort and how to display. This is also how to remove them.