How To Put A Google Doc In The Mac Dock

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Dock Shortcuts: Put A Google Doc In The Mac Dock

How to put a document from Google Drive (or any website for that matter) into your Mac OSX Dock for easier and quicker access with a dock shortcut. Having your Google Doc in the mac dock can greatly increase productivity for frequently used documents or links. You can add multiple of these shortcuts to your dock, or even organize them into folders or stacks.

1.  Open the document and drag from the ‘secure’ icon to the desktop

2. Use Google Images to find a better icon

3. Open the file in Preview, select all (CMD-a), and copy (CMD-c)

4. Go back to the desktop and reselect the file and right click to ‘Get Info’

In the Get Info panel, click on the icon in the top left and paste the icon from Preview.

5. Drag it to the dock

Move your new shortcut to the applications folder or wherever you’d like to store it. Then drag it to the right side of your dock for easier and quicker access.

There it is! Your Google Doc In The Mac Dock for quick access!