How To Put A Google Slides Presentation In Your Dock

Posted by in Google Drive, macOS

Do you have certain Google Slides presentation that you use every day? Want a quicker method than bookmarking it in your browser? Well you can easily add a Google Slides document shortcut to your macOS dock for quicker access and increased productivity. Check out these steps.

1. In Google Chrome, drag from the secure icon to the desktop


2. Search Google Images for a better icon

then save the png file


3. Open the image in Preview

and go to the Edit menu and ‘Select All’, then ‘Copy’


4. Select the shortcut on your desktop

right-click, and choose ‘Get Info’

Then click on the current icon, and CTRL-V to paste the image


5. Drag your new shortcut to the right side of the dock

and you’re all set!


There it is, A Google Slides presentation shortcut right in your dock!